Return of Destination South Australia part of post-COVID recovery

Destination South Australia kicks off this week, with Adelaide Convention Bureau (ACB) chief executive Damien Kitto saying the sudden lockdown in Perth which prevented WA delegates from attending was not going to stop it from happening.

“Frankly, if we stop planning for future business events in South Australia, an incredibly safe State at managing COVID and with Australia’s only visitor end-to-end COVID SAfe plan, then we are failing to understand how well we must be prepared for a post vaccine COVID national recovery,” said Kitto.

“Everything you plan early in 2021 means you have to stay nimble and adroit at reconfiguring. You simply have to accept clusters, snap lockdowns, border restrictions are our unfortunate new normal for now, and work round them. For Destination South Australia we have done exactly that.”

Kitto said that while WA delegates would be unlikely to now join the ACB guests and exhibitors in person, there was an eagerness from clients in Queensland, NSW and Victoria to travel to Adelaide and again meet face to face.

For those unable to attend or still reticent to travel interstate, Destination South Australia was prepared as a state-of-the-art hybrid event.

“Nothing beats having face to face communication for business development and event decisions,” said Kitto.

“But, for some that continues to be too complex to achieve and so the ACB’s responsibility to event clients and our members is to do everything possible to mitigate when face to face is not possible, hence glitch-free high-quality hybrid planning is critical.

“We cannot afford not to work toward a post-COVID recovery. Staying committed to holding Destination South Australia is therefore critical.”