Qantas tumbles in brand rankings


Qantas’ ongoing troubles have unsurprisingly resulted in its brand taking a hit from consumers.

Qantas fell to No. 41 among big national names, scoring 71.35 out of 100 in the annual Brand Finance Australia survey. It is a dramatic fall from grace after topping the list in 2019, with a score of 86.62.

It has been a turbulent time for the national carrier which saw it being taken to court over allegedly selling tickets on cancelled flights.

“Last year, when Qantas declined by four points, they saw decreases across value for money, recommendation, reputation and loyalty,” Brand Finance Australia managing director Mark Crowe told the Australian Financial Review.

“But this year, these decreases have become more profound. And they come at a time when, if you looked at our global 500, many airlines are increasing in brand strength and brand value.”