Qantas officially nation’s least reliable airline

Regional carrier QantasLink was number one for reliability.

Just when you think Qantas’ reputation couldn’t sink any lower it does, with new data showing the beleaguered carrier is the least reliable airline in Australia.

Monthly on-time-performance data for October by the Bureau of Infrastructure, Transport and Regional Economics showed only 66 per cent of flights arrived within 15-minutes of schedule putting it below that of its budget airline Jetstar which landed 68 per cent of its flights on time.

Regional carrier QantasLink came out tops landing 77 per cent of flights on schedule followed by Virgin at 73.9 per cent and Rex at 73.5 per cent.

Qantas also topped the number of cancelled flights for the month at 356 (4.3 per cent). In comparison, Rex had a 2.3 per cent cancellation rate, while Jetstar and Virgin cancelled 4.1 per cent of flights.

Qantas says it aims to do better in the lead up to Christmas.