New legacy programme launched in Wellington

The inaugural Life Sciences Summit was held in Wellington in 2023.

Business Events Wellington (BEW) has launched its legacy programme to help clients formulate individual legacy projects.

A new specialist conference advisor has also been appointed to guide organisations through the process.

BEW manager Irette Ferreira said the legacy programme aims to capture the positive outcomes and impacts generated by conferences in Wellington that are additional to the economic benefits.

“Whatever the purpose, conferences also have the potential to create something meaningful for the community and drive wider socio-economic gain,” she said.

“Conferences are a powerful platform where knowledge and ideas are exchanged and discussed, and where new solutions are born out of collaboration.

“Business Events Wellington want to capture these outcomes and support our clients in achieving their legacy goals leading to social and global change.

“Once a legacy project has been completed, we can also explore opportunities to maximise its impact.”

The new process was trialled in November when several international conferences were held in Wellington.

While the legacy programme is focused on international conferences, BEW is also working with domestic conferences with long-term agreements anchoring them to the city.

BioTech New Zealand executive director Dr Zahra Champion said BEW had identified “exactly what they hoped to achieve” at its inaugural Life Sciences Summit in Wellington last year.

“BEW is supporting us to expand the impact of our conference beyond the two-day summit. It has been integral in the planning of new elements, helping us with introductions and valuable advice,” Champion said.