National Cabinet meet to discuss border reopening timetable

The National Cabinet is meeting today to try and hammer out a definitive timeline for a nationwide reopening of borders.

Currently Queensland, WA, South Australia, Tasmania and the NT are still holding firm on keeping their borders closed.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison is pushing the states and territories to set a date sooner rather than later, saying the recent mass protests could lead to an erosion of public trust in the restrictions.

“The events of the weekend have had an impact on the community and that is understandable, but we have to do what we can to maintain trust,” Morrison told The Australian.

“It’s important for state and territory leaders and I to continue to talk after the events of the weekend and to maintain trust in the measures that are in place.

“We look forward to the three-step process being completed in July and I would be hoping that at the earliest opportunity states will be able to indicate the date in July that travel will be open again.”