‘Give us a date’ Gold Coast tourism boss calls for border reopening

Destination Gold Coast chairman Paul Donovan is calling on Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk to reopen borders, saying the tourism sector needed certainty.

“I would really love the Premier to come out and give us a date for the whole industry in Queensland,” he told The Gold Coast Bulletin.

“We should be able to get a date. We need a date so the airport can work with airlines to get schedules in place. We want the border open.”

Many commentators have been left bemused by the State Government’s apparent refusal to concede the border closures are hurting businesses.

“What cave are they in? They need to get across to the Gold Coast and look at the absolute desecration of the tourism industry,” Donovan told The Gold Coast Bulletin. “Everyone is aware of it – it’s on its knees.

“To make a statement or case like that is totally insensitive, lacks understanding.”

Palaszczuk said she had “spoken to people” and was aware of the effects of restrictions.

“We are in stage two,” she said. “In stage two, it does not talk about interstate travel. I have made it absolutely clear that we will be looking at that at the end of the month as we enter stage three.”