Business Events Council of Australia wind up gets ASIC confirmation

Former BECA Chair Dr Leo Jago.

After 29 years as the national voice for business events, the Business Events Council of Australia’s (BECA) voluntarily de-registration has been confirmed by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission.

BECA has achieved much on behalf of the business events industry, in particular raising the profile of the sector with government and funding research to demonstrate the sector’s contribution to the economy, says BECA spokesman Dr Leo Jago.

“During Covid lockdowns, however, it became clear that a larger and better resourced industry association was needed if the business events sector is to realise its full potential,” he said in a statement.

It was BECA’s Board that kickstarted the push to develop a new industry association that eventually resulted in the formation of the Australian Business Events Association (ABEA) in July.

The newly formed ABEA was essentially the amalgamation of members across the Exhibition and Event Association of Australasia, the Association of Australian Convention Bureaux and the Australian Convention Centre Group.