The Australian Business Events Association and the power of inclusivity

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July 3 marked the official launch of the Australian Business Events Association (ABEA). Showcasing its commitment to industry-wide inclusivity and representation, ABEA has designed membership options to cater for businesses of all shapes and sizes, with the aim of engaging every sector within the business events industry.

Shared success and a collaborative approach

ABEA’s inclusive structure allows every member’s voice to be heard, with one vote per member – regardless of size – ensuring the challenges and successes are shared across the industry. By joining forces and working collaboratively, businesses can harness the power of collective knowledge, experience, and resources. Collaboration is at the heart of ABEA’s values, as it works to bring people together and foster a collegial environment that drives the industry’s success.

A vision for a stronger future

ABEA’s vision is to position the business events industry as a valued and powerful driver of the Australian economy. By promoting the industry and driving member prosperity through development, networking, research, and advocacy, ABEA strives to create a vibrant and sustainable business events landscape. The association values collaboration, integrity, respect, innovation, leadership, and sustainability as core principles that guide its operations.

Membership options for all

By joining ABEA, members can access tailored resources, networking, and educational opportunities, as well as be represented by a united voice advocating for the industry on their behalf.

ABEA knows that the vast array of businesses within the business events industry have diverse needs and face unique challenges. To address this, the association has introduced three membership levels: Platinum, Gold, and Silver; with Gold and Silver offering multiple tiers based on business turnover. The focus of membership services is aligned to each member, ensuring that they receive the best support and resources for their needs.

Platinum membership

Invitations are extended to large businesses who wish to support the industry’s prosperity through active participation in ABEA’s advocacy, policy development, and research initiatives.

Members in this level gain access to the association’s extensive network, fostering valuable connections, and expanding their business opportunities. Additionally, Platinum membership includes a package of events and additional exposure to enhance their industry knowledge and capabilities.

Gold membership

Gold membership is designed for medium-to-large businesses and is divided into three tiers. Members in this level can actively contribute to key industry submissions, providing direct input into policy direction. By engaging in these discussions, Gold members have the opportunity to shape the industry and influence its future trajectory. The networking opportunities provided within this membership level enable collaboration and knowledge sharing, fostering growth and success.

Silver membership

Recognising the significance of small businesses and sole traders, ABEA offers four tiers within the Silver membership. This ensures that even the smallest players have a voice in industry development and direction. Members benefit from valuable support services, promotional assistance, and industry-specific resources required for their growth. ABEA is committed to empowering small businesses and recognising their vital role in the business events industry.

ABEA’s commitment to serving the entire business events industry will ensure each member’s voice is heard; fostering growth, and contributing to the industry’s overall prosperity. As the industry continues to evolve, ABEA’s vision and mission will drive its efforts to make the business events sector a valued and more powerful pillar of the Australian economy. Interested businesses can visit ABEA’s website or email

Together, we can unlock the full potential of the business events industry of Australia.