Tourism minister signals ongoing JobKeeper support for tourism sector

New Tourism Minister Dan Tehan has signalled the government is considering ongoing financial support for those hardest hit in the tourism sector.

With JobKeeper set to end in March, the tourism sector has been lobbying for an extension of the financial support, saying the border closures and continued ban on international travel are wreaking financial havoc on the sector.

“I’ve already been engaging heavily with the tourism industry to listen to their concerns and also to get thoughts, ideas and feedback from them as to how the government may be able to assist them while we wait for international tourism to come back online,” Tehan said.

He said any response by the government would be driven by “economic data that continues to come in around the economic impact on our tourism sector of the pandemic”.

“I’ll continue to have those discussions, engage with the sector and look to see whether there is specific or targeted support that could be provided or is needed,” he said.

The Federal Government is playing its cards close to its chest on its final intentions with Treasurer Josh Frydenberg adamant that the government will not continue JobKeeper beyond March.

“However, given the unprecedented levels of support announced by the commonwealth and state and territory governments, I consider that existing policy settings will continue to support a strong economic recovery and we are not contemplating a ‘Hospokeeper’ package at this time,” Frydenberg said in a in a letter reported in the Australian.