Adelaide looks to snag 2024 International Astronautical Congress

Adelaide has announced it will bid for the 2024 International Astronautical Congress (IAC) after hosting the congress in 2017.

Adelaide Convention Bureau (ACB) chief executive Damien Kitto said the IAC was a natural fit for Adelaide as the national centre of Australia’s space sector, being home to the Australian Space Agency, high calibre research and development and space company growth.

“We showed the world and some fierce competitors, including Washington, Bremen and Istanbul, just what an amazing destination Adelaide was when we hosted the highly successful 2017 Congress; now we intend to do so again, only better,” he said.

“The 2017 event with more than 4000 delegates and speakers injecting $632 a day into the economy during their five-day stay generated $24 million in economic growth and 229 jobs.

“It enabled us to showcase Adelaide’s world class venues, accommodation, restaurants and wineries and of course our regions. All of those have improved in quality even more in the interim.”

The ACB is working with the Andy Thomas Space Foundation in conjunction with the State Government to bring the bi-annual business event back to Adelaide for the second time in a decade.

“The ACB is focussed on State economic growth potential from business events, as much as on the short-term economic boost during an event, and we know this dual focus is also a factor for IAC organisers,” Kitto said.

“So we are extremely pleased with our Premier’s announcement that we are the first city to bid for the 2024 event.”