Tourism Australia launches new way to discover Aboriginal guided experiences

tourism australia

Tourism Australia is launching a new website dedicated to promoting Aboriginal guided experiences on offer around Australia that make up the Discover Aboriginal Experiences collective.

The new website brings together more than 160 experiences from over 45 businesses, all led by Aboriginal guides.

“Our research across our key markets shows us the more we tell our Indigenous story and bring it to life the more interest there is amongst international travellers,” said Bede Fennell, Tourism Australia executive general manager corporate affairs.

“That’s why we have a dedicated program that will not only help to educate travellers about the experiences on offer but make it easier for them to find the sorts of experiences they are after in the destinations they are planning to visit.

“The Discover Aboriginal Experiences collective includes a wide variety of adventure, food and urban experiences right across Australia that can be integrated into any itinerary.”

Tourism Australia’s Discover Aboriginal Experiences executive officer Nicole Mitchell said they want Aboriginal experiences to be an essential part of any trip to Australia.

“The best way to do that is make what’s on offer easy to discover and understand,” Mitchell said.

“Ultimately by helping people to find an experience that fits into their plans we are also helping to drive a deeper connection and understanding of Aboriginal peoples and their cultures.”