The Event Ecosystem launches G.E.T to connect performers with the event industry

The Event Ecosystem has launched G.E.T (Global Event Talent), the sister platform to the recently debuted A.C.T.A, a secure and managed booking platform directly connecting performers with the events industry.

A.C.T.A and G.E.T are the first booking platforms to adopt frontline blockchain technology into the national event industries, ensuring security and transparency for all parties.

Harris Meitanis, founder & CEO.

Since May 2018, A.C.T.A has welcomed celebrity talent from music and comedy to sports and film, including Paul McDermott, Megan Washington, Sophie Monk, Olympic champion Michael Klim and UFC Middleweight champ Robert Whittaker.

Now, G.E.T attracts a plethora of all other types of event performers, from fire breathers to contortionists to stilt walkers and bubble dancers.

“We are committed to shaking up the status quo in this essential and beloved industry — for the sake of supporting the globe’s immense talent pool and revamping the often convoluted process of producing incredible events,” said founder and CEO Harris Meitanis.

“We have created A.C.T.A and G.E.T out of passion and experience, having witnessed a world of unnecessary labour processes and a culture of unscrupulous behaviour in an industry so crucial to all event professionals. Harnessing technological advancement, we promote transparency and frictionless communication and the promise of a better experience across the board.”