David Pugh steps up as exec chef at Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre

Leading Australian chef and one of the architects of Brisbane’s fine dining scene, David Pugh, has been appointed to the role of executive chef at the Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre (BCEC) to continue the Centre’s strong award-winning reputation in venue catering and special events.

Pugh, who spent more than two decades at the forefront of contemporary Australian cuisine with his much acclaimed Restaurant Two in Brisbane, is stepping up from his current role as executive sous chef development. He replaces the Centre’s long term former executive chef, Martin Latter who will work with AEG Ogden across their portfolio of venues.

A former Queensland Ambassador Chef, Pugh joined the BCEC two years ago to spearhead the establishment of the very first dedicated Dietary Kitchen in an Australian Convention Centre, revolutionising the way the industry tackles the challenge of increasing numbers of dietary requests. In the last 12 month alone, over 100,000 special dietary meals have been prepared and served.

“I believe in letting the food speak for itself by enhancing the natural flavours, using citrus and salsas instead of the more traditional sauces. I would love to see a more plant based menu, where the vegetable is more the hero food,” he said.

Pugh plans to extend the Centre’s healthy option ‘Nourish Mentality’ Menu into the main banquet offering, with this year’s menu also seeing a greater influence from both North Africa and South America flavours.