Synergy Effect director Ruth Hirst honoured at Women Leading Technology Awards

Synergy Effect
Synergy Effect co-director Ruth Hirst with her award at the recent Women Leading Technology Awards 2023.

Synergy Effect co-director Ruth Hirst has won the Entrepreneur/Founder category at the recent Women Leading Technology Awards 2023.

Hirst won the accolade after using the pandemic as an opportunity to re-imagine the delivery of events, brand strategy and education in online spaces.

“When we shifted our focus to online events, we didn’t do this thinking ‘this is just for the pandemic’, we did this with the vision to create a new sustainable and inclusive approach to future forward events,” Hirst said.

“Our vision was, and is, driven by a focus to reach a far greater audience returning greater ROI, sustainability and inclusivity underpinned by cutting edge technology.

“We began to create immersive and experiential online branded spaces for our clients to hold their events – which could either be completely online, or expanded to multi-site venues located in key towns and cities where their people were located.”

In late 2022, Synergy Effect was named winner of Best National Live or Hybrid Event at the Australian Event Awards for its simultaneous multi-site hybrid event, First Impressions by Galderma – which saw more than 5,000 delegates located in 15 cities across the JPAC region attend four different events over three days, with presentations from 13 international speakers.

“From the moment we leapt into online events, I knew this would be the new cornerstone for Synergy Effect,” Hirst said.

“Our whole team was, and is, so excited and energised by this whole new world of event and immersive brand experiences, that is more inclusive, sustainable, cost-effective, and impactful to businesses than ever before.”