Survey of NSW events sector paints grim picture

The devastating impact of the ongoing Covid restrictions on the event sector in NSW has been laid bare in a survey by lobby group Save NSW Events.

The survey of more than 620 respondents in the NSW event industry showed that only a quarter (26%) of people who were working full time in the industry pre-Covid are still working full time.

With almost all (98.3%) of event companies currently receiving JobKeeper, three quarters (75%) of workers will need to get jobs outside of the event industry if JobKeeper ends in March.

Income both past and future has also been hit hard, with income from April to December 2020 down 82 per cent. Forecast income for January to June 2021 is down 75 per cent, while forecast income for July to December 2021 is down 66 per cent.

“Ongoing financial support from the government is essential for the survival of a healthy events sector,” the group stated in a Facebook post.

See the full survey here.