Special offer for Virtual & Hybrid Essentials Course

Education is key as we continue to forge ahead in 2021, and CIM Business Events is working with accredited partners to bring you the most up to date offerings.

In collaboration with the Australian Marketing Institute, CIM invites you to attend the highly sought after Virtual and Hybrid events online course. With a special offer for our network, you will receive $50 off the cost of the course. Use the code CIMAPR to receive your discount when booking.

The unprecedented events of 2020 changed the nature of events in almost every industry. It’s an impact we’re likely to feel for the foreseeable future, with virtual and hybrid events here to stay. At just $450 it represents incredible value for those wanting or needing to upskill for the ongoing word of virtual and digital events.  You can do it on your own, or encourage your team to do it together.

This course is your ultimate guide to the all-new event industry – a world where every event manager needs the skills, knowledge and technical expertise to run memorable hybrid events. If you learned on the run last year, now it’s time to sharpen your skills for managing memorable digital events.

What you’ll learn:

  • How 2020 changed the event industry and what to expect moving forward
  • How to create successful digital and hybrid event strategy
  • Virtual event operations, branding and marketing
  • Tools and technology: interactive demos of event software, augmented & virtual reality
  • How to sell virtual events

The AMI Virtual & Hybrid Events: Future Essentials course will cover the core fundamentals of transforming events completely or partially online and prepare you to create a successful virtual/hybrid event that engages and benefits all participants.

Interactive guidance

During the course you’ll investigate global industry trends, explore practical case studies and success stories, and ultimately learn what it takes to create and promote successful digital events. The course includes interactive lessons, mentoring sessions, and demos of the best event software and augmented & virtual reality tools on the market.

Learn from industry leaders

Facilitated by industry-renowned marketers and event professionals, this course will provide a unique opportunity to learn from leading industry experts who transformed virtual events for organisations such as SalesForce and Forrester.

Boost your CV

The ability to run hybrid events is now a must for every event manager. You can demonstrate your commitment to the industry and enhance your career prospects by adding a digital credential and badge to your resume.

Virtual & Hybrid Events: Future Essentials course content is aligned with the Australian Qualification Framework. By completing the course, you will receive an industry recognised certificate and digital badge to share on social media including LinkedIn.

BOOK NOW as spaces are very limited and are on a first come, first served basis. Remember, use the special code CIMAPR to receive your discount.