Shoalhaven Readers and Writers Festival looks for new director

The Shoalhaven Readers and Writers Festival is looking for a new director following the success of its inaugural event last year.

Held in August at the School of Arts in Nowra, the festival featured best-selling authors delivering workshops on their craft, as well as workshops for children on creative writing skills.

The festival now has strong local backing from the Nowra CBD Revitalisation Strategy Committee and is looking for a new director to build it into a regular annual event.

“The idea behind the festival was always to elevate the presence of literature in the Shoalhaven,” inaugural director Karen Akehurst told the South Coast Register

“We are a destination for lots of amazing cultural events, and we really celebrate our sports, but the absence of literature based events didn’t reflect the Shoalhaven’s passion for writing and for reading.”

The initial proposal was supported by Councillor John Wells, Shoalhaven Libraries manager Sarah Taylor and local children’s author Allison Tait, before it founded partnerships with Nowra’s So & So Events and Shoalhaven Libraries.

“The painful set up work has all been done, funding for 2019 is secured and the CBD Committee are keen to grow the festival into a flagship event,” said Akehurst. “It’s a perfect time to take the wheel.

“Planning for the 2019 festival is already underway. It will be a smaller event this year, a time for us to consolidate and build towards a huge event in 2020.

“I will be there to ease in our new director, for as long as they wish – it will be a very supported transition. And then I’ll step right away and let them do their thing.”

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