Pilots call for Qantas chairman to step down


Pilots are calling for Qantas chairman Richard Goyder to resign saying he has overseen one of the “most damaging periods in Qantas history”.

The Australian and International Pilots Association has written to Qantas chief executive Vanessa Hudson expressing their frustration at the current state of affairs within the airline and calling for Goyder’s resignation.

“Richard Goyder has overseen one of the most damaging periods in Qantas history which has included the illegal sacking of 1,700 workers, allegations of illegally marketing cancelled flights, and a terribly managed return to operations after Covid-19,” AIPA president Tony Lucas said.

“The morale of Qantas pilots has never been lower. We have totally lost confidence in Goyder and his Board.”

Lucas said Goyder’s decision to accept an almost $100,000 pay rise while Qantas staff are told to accept a two-year wage freeze was a “galling and tone-deaf decision”.

Last week Goyder said he retained the confidence of the board but it remains uncertain whether newly appointed Hudson will be able to hang on to Goyder if she wants to win back the trust of both staff and the public.