Parrtjima looks to the sky for 2022

The theme for Parrtjima – A Festival in Light 2022 has been revealed as ‘Sky Country’, with a focus on our place in the universe and the relationship First Nations people have with the environment.

Northern Territory Major Events Company CEO Tim Watsford said the theme is particularly meaningful for an event that takes place under the Red Centre’s desert night skies.

“Central Australia is unlike anywhere else in the country, and Parrtjima is unlike any other event,” he said.

“Every year, as the stars above illuminate the night sky, Parrtjima illuminates the desert landscape of Mparntwe. ‘Sky Country’ will make us all stop, look up, and consider our place in the universe.”

AGB Events First Nations advisor and Parrtjima curator Rhoda Roberts said Sky Country explores the relationship First Nations people have with the environment.

“To understand our connection with the universe we have always looked two ways: everything is written twice, once in the ground and once in the sky,” she said.

“This year is a new exploration for Parrtjima. This theme focuses on our place in the universe. Knowing the sky is our first step – the passage of stories handed down about the vastness and who we are in the universe. How everything is much bigger than us and needs to be protected.”

The free 10-night festival returns to Alice Springs from 8-17 April 2022.