Opportunity to host Australian Regional Tourism convention in 2020

Regional destinations are invited to express their interest to host Australian Regional Tourism’s annual convention in 2020.

The convention which attracts more than 150 tourism professionals from across Australia is the must-attend event for representatives at all levels of government, regional tourism organisations, tourism professionals and businesses.

Soaring numbers of delegates attending in recent years reflects a nation-wide trend towards greater interest in growing Australia’s regional tourism sector.

Key focus areas for discussion at past events include how to increase regional dispersal of visitors out of capital cities and into regional areas, Indigenous tourism, marketing to your ideal visitor and the future of visitor information centres in an increasingly digital age.

Local Government engagement with the visitor economy and agritourism continue to share the spotlight as ART move forward with their research work on these key strategic areas.

In addition to the direct economic benefit injected into a host region during the convention, other key benefits include raised profile as a tourism rich destination, the opportunity for the host organisation to highlight their commitment to regional communities and recognition of a destination’s capacity to successfully host a nationally significant event.

While the convention can be hosted by one organisation or destination, creative thinking and collaboration among a number of partners or nearby regions is also encouraged. The event is also supported by a large number of sponsors who have united to support the development of this key industry and champion the transfer of knowledge that can lead to continued growth for Australia’s regional communities.

Applications to host ART Convention 2020 close 1 November 2019. For further information, including host selection criteria, contact ART executive officer Lauren Douglass.