New Zealand invites event organisers to look deeper

New Zealand

New Zealand has launched its latest business event marketing campaign ‘If You Seek’ highlighting how New Zealand rewards those curious enough to look a little deeper and go a little further to discover more authentic, meaningful connections.

Marking the country’s first 100% Pure New Zealand global campaign post-pandemic, ‘If You Seek’ features the thrill of facing a traditional Māori pōwhiri welcome, to a venue set amongst lush native forest, the rush of a jet boat that serves as transport between activities, to the stories outside and inside its new convention centres.

“Aotearoa New Zealand is a place for those who pursue meaningful connections with culture, people, and the environment,” said René de Monchy, chief executive of Tourism New Zealand.

“Those curious visitors are rewarded with a rich experience of our beautiful country and are met with a deep expression of hospitality and reciprocal understanding and connection.

“These are visitors who we think will explore more deeply and ultimately contribute to New Zealand’s tourism sector in ways beyond the economic benefit.”

Tourism New Zealand’s general manager New Zealand & Business Events, Bjoern Spreitzer, says for the business events market that means more transformational experiences.

“It’s an emphasis on return on objective that adds value to an event already packed with amazing activities, innovative content and stunning scenery,” said Spreitzer.

“Whether that means experiencing New Zealand’s unique Māori culture and using that as a platform to expand on your organisation’s own culture and values; engaging closely with and learning from the local community; or exploring nature, and then giving back to the environment through sustainable initiatives, those more meaningful connections are here to find.”