Business Events Tasmania launches new Visionary Program

Business events tasmania
L-R; Krystal James, Business Events Tasmania, manager – Stakeholder Engagement; Marnie Craig, Business Events Tasmania CEO; Gretta Pecl, Professor of Climate Change Ecology and Director of the Centre for Marine Socioecology & Institute for Marine and Antarctic Studies.

Business Events Tasmania has launched its new Visionary Program, which supports Tasmanian-based industry experts and leaders secure new industry-aligned business events for Tasmania.

The Business Events Tasmania Visionary Program will help locals experts connect with national and international counterparts and share with other members of their industries the benefits of conferencing in Tasmania.

“Tasmanian ambassadors and our Tasmanian Ambassador Program play a vital role in securing business events to the state,” Marnie Craig, Business Events Tasmania’s CEO, said in a statement.

“But we think the word ambassador doesn’t quite sum up all that they are. They’re more than someone who simply represents their industry.

“They’re pioneers who’ve had to do things differently, because following expected pathways just doesn’t cut it in Tasmania. They are Visionaries.”