Nash sets out recovery plan for New Zealand tourism sector

New Zealand’s Minister of Tourism, Stuart Nash, has announced a plan to support the recovery of tourism communities after the impacts of Covid.

Speaking at the annual TRENZ conference, Nash outlined a plan to rebuild tourism on a more sustainable foundation for the future.

“The economic impact of the loss of international visitors is felt beyond the tourism workforce and businesses,” he said.

“Whole communities, especially in five South Island regions, are facing new challenges to their way of life.

“At the same time, reviews by agencies like the Parliamentary Commissioner for the Environment, the Climate Change Commission, and the Tourism Futures Taskforce have highlighted transformation is required to rebuild tourism for the future.

“We will roll out a $200 million Tourism Communities: Support, Recovery and Re-set Plan between now and 2023. It will invest in new programmes like small business support, tourism infrastructure, the conservation estate, Māori development, economic and regional development, and mental wellbeing support.”

There are 12 key points in the Tourism Communities Plan, with half are focused on the most vulnerable South Island regions: Fiordland, South Westland, Queenstown Lakes, Mackenzie District and Kaikōura. The remaining six are nationwide initiatives.

“I have already signalled that long-term structural change and short-term targeted support must prioritise the regions and communities who need most help,” he said.