Morrison snaps back at McGowan calling his Covid-zero stance ‘absurd’

Scott Morrison has criticised the WA Premier's zero Covid stance.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has quickly responded to WA Premier Mark McGowan’s declaration that WA would continue to pursue a Covid zero policy irrespective of vaccination rates.

McGowan said he would continue to use lockdowns and border closures to ensure the state maintains zero cases beyond any vaccine coverage levels.

“The idea you can let this thing rip is absurd, as is that you can get to Covid zero,” Morrison told 2GB radio. “They’re both extreme positions. They’re both absurd.”

Morrison said it was vital all the states and territories stick to the national four stage plan out of Covid restrictions saying it is “our pathway back”, adding that McGowan’s stance undermined the vaccine rollout.

“Once you get to those levels of vaccination, it is against the country’s interests to actually do that,” Morrison told Nine.

“It costs the economy more and it doesn’t get the health effects because once you get to 80 per cent, you can treat it like the flu.

“We don’t go and shut down the whole country because of the flu every year. And so that is what the medical advice says. And that’s been made very transparent and clear to everybody who sits around the table.

“And so really, that national plan that everybody has signed up to, it’s actually a commitment they’ve made to the Australian people and people in their own states about the pathway out.”