Merivale opens new late night bar Little Felix in Sydney CBD

New venue Little Felix has opened in Sydney’s CBD offering a new late night drinking hole.

Merivale CEO Justin Hemmes has been championing the reinvigoration of Sydney’s night life and has put his money where his mouth is with the latest cocktail bar which is sister venue to French bistro Felix.

“With the revitalisation of the city we need the venues to coincide with it,” Hemmes said.

“I’m just trying to do my part by adding diversity and interesting venues. Little Felix is very comfortable … you go in there and get transported to another place and time.”

The group’s bars manager, Sam Egerton, says the new bar is a standalone concept that still references French restaurant Felix.

“In Paris, you have really successful, longstanding restaurants getting to a position where they can’t really fit any more people in there,” he said.

“They’re packed every day. They find a space nearby to put a small bar that allows them to try and catch a few more guests, or to keep their business a bit longer. That’s kind of what the corollary relationship is between Felix and Little Felix.”

The food offering is led by Felix head chef Nathan Johnson and is largely charcuterie, cheese and other simple snacks to go with the drinks list, which centres on classic, unembellished cocktails, wine and Champagne.

“We have taken the well-known classic cocktails from the great Parisian bars and hotels of the early 20th century and gently refreshed them to make drinks relevant today,” said Egerton. “Embracing provenance as a guide for these developments, we used French liquors as modifiers to the tried and tested recipes.”