Melbourne’s lockdown extended by seven days

Melbourne’s lockdown has been extended by a further seven days after 20 new cases were recorded.

Victorian Premier Dan Andrews said opening too early could see the Delta virus spread as it has done in Sydney.

“This is very challenging, I know, for every single Victorian who would like to be going about their business, they would like to be open and have a degree of freedom that is simply not possible because of this Delta variant,” Andrews said.

“If we were to open, we would see cases akin to what’s happening sadly Sydney right now.

“There are too many cases, the too many cases the origins of which are not clear to us, too many unanswered questions, too many mysteries for us to safely come out of lockdown now.”

Queensland is now officially free from lockdown after Cairns lifts its stay at home orders today.

However, masks will be mandatory in the Cairns area until the end of August.