Flight Centre Travel Group’s global travel event Illuminate returns in October

Flight Centre Travel Group’s annual global corporate travel industry showcase, Illuminate 2021, is set to return in October.

“After a 12-month hiatus, Australia’s premier corporate travel industry event will really show our path to freedom and light the way forward for the business travel industry at home and abroad,” said James Kavanagh, Flight Centre Travel Group’s managing director for Australia.

“While the industry outlook is largely optimistic and road warriors are eager to ramp up their travel for more face-to-face meetings – we know the travel landscape has shifted. It’s time to embrace the new normal in business travel.”

Based on a ‘Time to Fly’ theme, the event will be hosted by the Australian corporate arms of Flight Centre Travel Group and will capture the importance of doing business in a post-pandemic world.

“Never has it been so important to understand how your travel program needs to evolve to accommodate the post-pandemic world – a world that includes new protocols and precautions at every stage of the traveller journey,” Kavanagh said.

“We’re leading the way in the corporate travel industry, and we want to give our customers the confidence and arm them with all the information they need to return to travel – that will not just be through us – but some heavy-hitting speakers will also be making these points.

“Vaccinations and borders will be a hot topic for some time but what we do know is there is a pent-up demand from our customers wanting to connect again – with a genuine need to visit customers and employees high on the priority list – and it’s also critical to winning new business.

“Regardless of what’s happening around us with lockdowns now, we know there is a path to freedom through vaccinations, and we can’t keep cancelling major events – we have the technology and team to forge ahead and lead the recovery in the event and travel space.”