MCEC’s partnership with Startup Victoria to foster innovation and entrepreneurship

startup victoria

Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre (MCEC) and Startup Victoria have established a new partnership that connects the start up community, experts and entrepreneurs with the events industry, to explore opportunities.

Natalie O’Brien, CEO of MCEC, said the partnership can help the venue advance the innovation journey it has embarked on over recent years.

“We have lots of ideas to explore and we want to embed creativity, innovation and an entrepreneur mindset into our business,” she said.

“The partnership with Startup Victoria will help us navigate the large and complex start up ecosystem and connect with people who can help us achieve our innovation goals.”

The first Startup Victoria event to be supported by MCEC as venue partner is the Health & Wellbeing Pitch Night on February 28, which will showcase startups that improve health and wellbeing in innovative ways. Further pitch nights will be held throughout the year.

“We look forward to connecting with MCEC’s people and community partners and tapping into the expertise and influence of its Club Melbourne ambassadors and thought leaders,” said Dickie Currer, Head of Partnerships at Startup Victoria.