MCEC delivers $49m to Victoria despite lockdown challenges

Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre (MCEC) is emerging from a period of rebuilding after a challenging 2020/21 financial year.

MCEC hosted just 154 events at the venue, a major reduction on pre-pandemic levels at around 1,200 events per year.

Despite extended closures due to lockdown, MCEC’s annual report for the last financial year showed a positive economic impact of $49 million to Victoria.

Peter King, chief executive of MCEC, said the venue took the opportunity to rebuild and reset while its doors were closed.

“While we couldn’t run and plan events as usual, our business has focused on exploring new ways to succeed in a post-Covid world, by testing a new operating model and finding new revenue streams, partnerships, and opportunities to contribute to Victoria’s economic and social recovery,” King said.

Commercial and community partnerships were a key focus in the last financial year including hosting the production of the major film ‘Blacklight’, starring Liam Neeson.

The venue also partnered with Village Cinema to transform exhibition bays into Australia’s first indoor drive-in cinema and entered into a long-term partnership with art and culture company Grande Experiences making MCEC the permanent home to immersive digital gallery and event space THE LUME Melbourne.

“Taking partnership approach has helped us to successfully navigate a very challenging time,” King said.

“We have learnt a lot along the way and as always it has been our people who set us apart, and our people who will lead the way in the year to come.”

View MCEC’s tabled annual report here.