London looking at Olympics bid in 2036 while Paris feels the pressure two years out


London Mayor Sadiq Khan has dropped a serious hint that London is preparing to launch a bid to host the Olympics for a record fourth time in 2036.

Speaking to Sky Sports News, he said the city is working on a bid to host what would be the “greenest Games ever”.

“We’re working on a plan to bring the Olympics back to London, and I’ll tell you why,” said Khan.

“We’ve seen over the last few days the consequences of climate change in relation to the heatwaves, in relation to the grass fires.

“What we need is to make sure future games are green and what we’re doing is working on a plan to have the greenest games ever.

“The great thing about London is you don’t expend carbon on building new stadiums, new places to do cycling, new places to do swimming, because we’ve got all the kit.”

Paris is gearing up to host the next Olympics in 2024, but reports are emerging of budget blow outs and security concerns.

Paris pledged to deliver a “sober, participative and sustainable” Olympics costing just €6.2 billion by utilising existing venues. But that figure has increased to €8 billion and is likely to continue rising with global inflation and resources shortages pushing prices up across the board.

A leaked confidential audit report has warned of “strong, difficult and bold decisions” to be taken to crimp the budget blow out, according to public broadcaster France Info. The report warned of “upcoming budgetary tensions” with financing needs exceeding revenue streams.

Security is also a concern, with the opening ceremony on the river Seine set to see athletes and national delegations sail in 162 open-topped boats.

Former Olympic gold medallist and IOC member Guy Drut told Le Journal du Dimanche there were “just too many uncertainties” in the plan.

“Why isn’t there a plan B? We could have the same ceremony, watched by more people, on the Champ de Mars [near the Eiffel Tower]. That would be easier to keep safe,” he told the newspaper.