Junction Arts Festival aims to double budget with public campaign

Tasmania’s Junction Arts Festival in Launceston has launched a new funding initiative that is calling on Tasmanians for support.

The festival aims to double its funding using Creative Partnerships Australia’s Plus1 Campaign with all funds raised by the public before May 31 to be matched by the program.

“It’s vitally important to support the festival so that it can continue to present stimulating, fun and exciting events that bring us together to celebrate our fabulous city,” Junction’s board of directors president Liz Frankham told The Examiner.

“Your support of Junction secures employment for people in the arts industry; artists, people in production, musicians, dancers, performers, and the collaborations we foster with local businesses.”

The festival is looking to raise $45,000 from the public, which when matched would take the total budget to $90,000.

“We’re calling on the support of Junction audiences to donate whatever they can to help embed a state-wide presence that ensures ongoing platforms of presentation for our artists and audiences,” Festival director Paul Selwyn Norton told The Examiner.

“What this money will go towards is supporting artists, creating opportunities for them to bring their music, their dance, their theatre, their installations to the park or to the city.”