A new way to imagine the Gold Coast


The Gold Coast has unveiled a new global campaign that positions the destination as ‘The imagination capital of Australia’.

Unveiled at the Home of the Arts (HOTA), Destination Gold Coast CEO Patricia O’Callaghan said the first-of-its-kind campaign showcases the Gold Coast’s business events credentials and shines a light beyond the city’s natural coastal beauty and world-class events infrastructure onto its thriving innovation and tech sector.

The imagination capital of Australia repositions the city to highlight our attributes as a forward-thinking, global destination,” O’Callaghan said.

The Gold Coast is one of the world’s fastest growing regions and a hub for new ways of thinking and entrepreneurship – from health sciences, education and engineering to screen and sport, innovation is in the city’s DNA.

Australia’s sixth-largest city, the Gold Coast’s evolution as a creative hub is accelerating with investment in world-class technology, research and education continuing to grow over the next decade.

It’s time to re-imagine what is possible on the Gold Coast, and what better place to begin that journey than HOTA, the 17-hectare cultural precinct where art meets life.

The largest public gallery outside a capital city in Australia, with a collection of more than 4,500 works, this ever-changing destination is where ideas flourish.

HOTA is a 17-hectare cultural precinct where art meets life.

The region’s three universities are a big part of this picture, with a rapidly growing knowledge sector that is becoming a drawcard for creative thinkers and academic pioneers.

Across science, technology and health, Gold Coast academics have been recognised around the world for their ground-breaking achievements thanks to the collaborative environment for clinical research innovation, creating the perfect conditions for a thriving knowledge economy.

The Gold Coast’s Health and Knowledge Precinct is where major education, research, science and health institutions co-mingle with business and industry, promoting a culture of innovation and an open invitation to meet, engage and learn.

The city’s events infrastructure is always growing, from the award-winning Gold Coast Convention and Exhibition Centre and boutique venues to the multitude of hotels and resorts from five-star luxury to relaxed coastal charm, offering a total 22,000 available rooms.

Anchoring every event is the Gold Coast’s natural environment, from the rolling surf to the pristine rainforest, inviting delegates to take a moment and let their imaginations fly.

“Where else in the world can you indulge in breakfast onboard an ocean cruise to whale watch and then walk straight into your conference at a state-of-the-art venue before watching the sun set from our kilometres of golden beaches? Only on the Gold Coast,” said O’Callaghan.

Ideas are the currency of business events and the Gold Coast is ready to ignite your passion and let your imagination soar for your next event.

To find out more head to Destination Gold Coast Business Events.