Gold Coast councillors push to rejoin COMSEQ or risk losing out on Olympic infrastructure funding

gold coast

Gold Coast councillors are pushing to rejoin the southeast Queensland Council of Mayors (COMSEQ) over fears the region will miss out on a goldmine of funding in the lead up to the Olympic Games in 2032.

The Gold Coast did not receive any funding from a $1.8 billion southeast Queensland City Deal for infrastructure since leaving COMSEQ.

Councillor Cameron Caldwell, the City Planning’s head, said “we need a seat at the table”.

“The Olympic Games is the ultimate team sport and SEQ needs a full strength side to kick the most goals for locals,” he told The Gold Coast Bulletin.

“I’m fully supportive of any move that sees us working better with our neighbours but making the most of that opportunity requires a change in approach and attitude.”

Councillors are expected to raise a draft motion for the city to rejoin the body in the near future, according to The Gold Coast Bulletin.