Festival goers unimpressed by culturally confused Greek salad

When is a Greek salad not a Greek salad? When it is served with Italian dressing. The salad in question, believed to have been served at the Semaphore Greek Festival in Adelaide over the weekend, has since copped a flurry of online abuse.

One Instagram user commented: “Clearly has lettuce in it so not a Greek salad.”

“The major problem here is lack of feta,” another wrote.

“Stingy on the feta front and Italian dressing was probably a bad addition,” another poster shared.

It is unknown which vendor was selling the dish at the festival which was billed as two-day celebration featuring live music and authentic food showcasing Greek culture. But some festival goers came to their defence.

“There were over 15,000 people there and long queues when waiting for food,” one person said. “Maybe that’s why it’s a bit sloppy.”