Falls Festival organisers cite dwindling attendance and lack of government support for exit from Tassie

The organisers of the Falls Festival in Tasmania’s Marion Bay say a combination of dwindling attendances, a lack of government support and Covid were behind the decision to scrap it.

Jessica Ducrou, co-CEO of Secret Sounds and producer of Falls Festival, said the decision to leave Marion after 17 years was “very difficult”.

“We’re devastated and gutted by the situation we’re in,” she told The Mercury.

“It’s heart breaking for all of us, we love the show and wish we could still operate there.”

Ducrou said half the attendees came from the mainland meaning the festival would only break even at best.

“The ticket sales weren’t there despite it being the largest event in Tasmania,” she said.

“The ticket was also priced for the local market, significantly cheap that the mainland, reflecting wages.”

With the pandemic also playing havoc with the festival’s income stream its future was in jeopardy unless the state government stepped in to support it.

“It became apparent unless we did receive some sort of significant support it was not financially viable,” Ducrou said.

Events Minister Sarah Courtney said she understood the organisers’ decision.

“We understand that this hasn’t been an easy decision for them following the impact of the pandemic on their business,” she said.