Cairns Convention Centre gets $2m to attract more events

Cairns Convention Centre recently hosted the IPWEAQ Annual Conference.

Cairns Convention Centre has received a $2 million marketing boost from the Queensland Government to attract more business events post-Covid.

The $2m boost was part of a $7 million investment by government across three state owned convention centres in Queensland.

“There will be a $7m injection of capital into marketing and this will be across the three government owned convention centres in Queensland,” local MP Michael Healey told the Courier Mail.

“This is a multi-billion dollar industry and it has like other tourism products been absolutely hammered as a result of Covid.

“The government has a role to play in ensuring that we get our business and events back up and running.”

Cairns Convention Centre general manager Janet Hamilton said the investment would recoup many more millions in terms of delegate expenditure.

“The allocation for the Cairns Convention Centre out of the $7m will equate to $65m of delegate spent on the ground on holidays, restaurants and attractions so really it’s an important economic driver for the town,” Hamilton said.