BESydney to spotlight social impact of business events

Photo: Destination NSW

Business Events Sydney (BESydney) is expanding its research program to include the social impact or legacy of business events held in Sydney, from environmental changes and government legislation to delegate development and health improvements.

“We want our business events delegates to meet the people, enjoy the place and discover a shared purpose, in Sydney,” said BESydney CEO Lyn Lewis-Smith.

The Change Starts Here program highlights the changemakers and industries in Sydney that have the power to influence global change for good in Health & Life Science, Technology & Innovation and Finance & Professional Services, extending to Science & Engineering and Defence & Aerospace.

“Business events are a powerful platform for tackling and solving the difficult problems in our world through the exchange of knowledge and ideas, the pooling of resources and solutions that come from collaboration between a diverse range of global participants,” said Lewis-Smith.

“BESydney wants to be part of the solution and we know that Sydney offers a unique environment that is welcoming, inclusive, safe, sustainably focused and delivers solutions through innovation.”

For Associations and corporations in these sectors, a new suite of downloadable eBooks puts a spotlight on Sydney’s credentials and the opportunities that exist by hosting business events in Sydney.