All-female tech team for women’s leadership conference at MCEC


An all female technology team from Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre (MCEC) produced the Chief Executive Women (CEW) Leadership Summit, which was held at the venue last month.

According to the Audiovisual and Integrated Experience Association, women make up only 6% of the global audio visual industry.

“For the spirit of the event and the people attending, it was great to have other women involved in the production of the event,” said Alex Proud, MCEC’s event delivery manager.

“It was quite a tech heavy event and having an all-female tech crew is unheard of.”

The event was held in MCEC’s Goldfields Theatre, which was set up with two stages and TV cameras broadcasting to those tuning in online. Along with the tech team, a team made up primarily of women supported every aspect of the event from planning to catering and security.

“It was very important for the client to have a team of women work on the event and there was a lot of planning to make it all come together,” Proud said. “Everyone worked really hard to pull it off and it looked stunning.”

Capital B Creative director Bridget Hart, who provided event support for the CEW Leadership Summit, said she was proud to be working with a team of women to support the event.

“I’ve been an event producer for 35 years and to see a crew made up entirely of women is so exciting,” she said. “To have a crew of women for an event that’s supporting the empowerment of women and gender equality is just super exciting.

“I’m part of the Women in AV Australia group. I’ve been a producer since before we had digital projectors, and you’re often the only woman on a crew. It’s wonderful to see more and more women behind the desk creating content, being responsible for all of the amazing production that we pull together.”