Aussie-based virtual conference network launches in ‘uncertain times’

An alternative to video conferencing has launched to provide risk mitigation, improved flexibility, new post-event revenue streams and cost-effectiveness to conference organisers.

The Virtual Conference Network is co-founded Alex Paine and Frank Buckle, who have designed and built The Virtual Conference Network to help conference organisers lower costs and take greater control over content development, delivery and monetisation.

“Conference organisers have long struggled with shrinking audience attention spans and availability, among the rising costs of equipment and venue hire,” said Paine.

“In 2020, these pressures have skyrocketed and the financial risks are considerable. They now need to mitigate the impact on uninsurable event cancellations, develop and deliver content online, flexibly juggle time zones, edit content post-event, as well as adapt to growing demand for hybrid events as the industry continues to shift over time.

“Amid the current uncertainty and as businesses prepare to emerge from the pandemic, there will be a high demand for conference tools that are adaptable, flexible and provide conference and event organisers with high control over how content is developed and delivered, as well as in-depth visibility and analysis of how content is consumed and requested.”

Buckle says they witnessed first-hand both the possibilities and limits of the current video conferencing options.

“To successfully engage with audiences long-term, conference organisers and business leaders need to go beyond simply putting their content online,” he said.

“Our post-event content development and delivery, combined with our analytics tools, will enable a new level of personalised engagement and content access.”