Arinex staff come together for virtual company conference

Arinex staff recently created an exclusive conference for their whole team to learn first-hand and experience what they provide to their clients.

The event was an initiative generated by the staff themselves and incorporated feedback presentations by clients and industry partners, break out discussion groups, concurrent sessions on selected topics and more.

The three-day virtual event in late June focused on four strategic areas: partnerships, technology, leadership and sustainability and provided hands on experience in effective solutions for virtual and hybrid events. The conference also saw the launch of a new sustainability strategy to drive a more sustainable future.

Tourism Australia provided a deep dive into current initiatives outlining the support available for the business events industry with a focus on partnerships and collaboration to put Australia front and centre globally.

Arinex owner and founder Roslyn McLeod said she would hold this event every few months if possible.

“It provided a platform for staff innovation and brought the whole company together in a spirit of conviviality, partnership and purpose,” she said.

“I am so proud they work for me and delighted the personable environment they created will forge a shining united team in this dark time. I respect their commitment to go above and beyond.”