ALP hybrid conference sees attendance skyrocket 100 fold

The Australian Labor Party has embraced the power of hybrid for its recent 2021 Special Platform Conference, with live links across the country, live online voting and the introduction of evening sessions packed with real stories, speeches and entertainment.

Running with theme “On your side”, highlights included a speech from Anthony Albanese as well as live dance from the NT dance company, music from Jimmy Barnes and up and coming singer Gordi, all hosted by TV presenter Samantha Lane.

The conference also linked to UK Labour leader Keir Starmer and former ALP leaders to deliver their messages of solidarity.

The event was driven by the Australian Labor Party’s National Secretary, Paul Erickson, and his team in the ALP National Secretariat. They brought in Peter Pecotić from Turning Point Solutions and Mark Lucas and Dom Minghella from London based campaigners Lucas/Minghella to build the format and deliver the event.

The event reached more than two hundred thousand people, 100 times the attendance of the last conference, and attracted huge social media interaction, with impressions across Twitter, Instagram and TikTok numbering in the millions.

“Labor has held more than 60 National Conferences over our 130 year history, but none of them have been anything like this,” Erickson said.

“Our Online Special Platform Conference demonstrated how Labor is ready to change and adapt for a new era, while maintaining our passionately held values.”