AIM Group joins push for ‘Net Zero Carbon Events’

Annalisa Ponchia, Innovation Director of AIM Group International.

AIM Group International has signed the Net Zero Carbon Events pledge, a joint commitment across the events and meetings industry to achieve the targets laid out in the Paris Climate Accord.

“We are convinced that achieving a sustainable long-term and prosperous future for the events industry depends upon finding new ways to meet, learn and engage that support the continuing health of our planet,” said Annalisa Ponchia, Innovation Director of AIM Group International.

“As a market leader for more than 60 years, AIM Group is committed to providing cutting-edge formats, technologies and solutions and is proud to be a signatory to the Net Zero Carbon Events initiative, which we see as a key driver for change in our business. We believe that such change can only be achieved collectively, by combining our efforts, and are committed to joining our industry peers on this challenging but crucial journey.”

The Net Zero Carbon Events pledge is the result of global collaboration throughout the events industry. Over recent months, facilitated by the Joint Meetings Industry Council, more than one hundred stakeholders from across the sector drafted and finalised this commitment which was presented at the recent Global Climate Summit COP26 in Glasgow.

“AIM Group will involve all partners and suppliers and collaborate with clients to drive change across the entire value chain,” said Ponchia.

“To track the progress towards the targets, AIM Group will measure and track its emissions of Greenhouse Gases according to industry best practice and report on its progress at least every two years.”