Adelaide Fringe venues cautioned over breaching COVID restrictions

Dozens of venues have been warned over Covid regulation breaches as the Adelaide Fringe gets underway.

Safety compliance inspections were carried out across 600 licensed venues, public events and businesses over a four-day period, with one venue fined and 36 cautioned over Covid breaches involving physical distancing in public.

Breaches include illegal dancing and lack of COVID plans, marshals or QR codes.

One of the main Fringe hubs, The Garden of Unearthly Delights, was issued with a written warning from police, while the Regal Theatre was cautioned.

Deputy chief public health officer Chris Lease said the main issues for Fringe venues were around “venue queuing and congested crowds”.

Adelaide Fringe director and CEO Heather Croall welcomed the strong turnout by festival goers but urged them to abide by Covid rules.

“We encourage people to continue to do this and to follow COVID guidelines when attending venues and events to ensure the safety of fellow Fringe-goers,” she said.

Many of the breaches follow the State’s easing of restrictions around dancing and drinking.

“Over many years, The Garden has worked closely with (SA Police) and other stakeholders whose advice is invaluable to ensure the safe management of events in this city,” said spokeswoman for The Garden of Unearthly Delights.

“This is particularly important in these difficult times.”