World’s largest modular tent pitched in SA paddock for jazz festival

A paddock in regional South Australia is the site for the world’s largest modular big-top tent, which has been set up for the Generations in Jazz festival.

Accommodating up to 11,000 people, the tent has been set up for the more than 10,000 people expected to attend the jazz festival in Mount Gambier.

At 64m by 84m with six king poles reaching up to 25m, the tent and seating structure requires a crew of up to 18 to assemble it over a few days.

“There’s some new ones in Europe, they’re 61 metres wide — we’re 64 [metres wide],” said the tent’s designer, Tony Gasser.

“We’ve brought the largest seating capacity ever under a big top and it’s here in Mount Gambier.”

Generations in Jazz CEO Belinda Shannon said they are largest regional event in South Australia, “hence we need a bigger tent”.