World’s best female chef to open a venue at Crown in Barangaroo

Crown’s development in Barangaroo will be home to a restaurant headed by the world’s best female chef, Clare Smyth.

The Gordon Ramsay protege catered for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s wedding reception, was the first and only female chef in the UK to run a restaurant with three Michelin stars, and scored two Michelin stars when she opened her own London based restaurant Core. She was also named the “best female chef in the world” in 2018.

Now Smyth has set her sights on Sydney with her new restaurant to open at Crown’s development in Barangaroo.

Speaking to Delicious, she said “Australia has got its own movement now”.

Smyth says that a lot has changed since she last worked here, with imported ingredients replaced with much more local produce.

“Everyone seems to be passionate about high-quality ingredients in Australia and healthy food,” she told Delicious.

“It (Australia) has such a huge reach for a smaller population but it reaches the world.”

The new restaurant will follow a similar ethos to Core but using home grown produce.

Crown Hotels chief operating officer Peter Crinis said up to 14 new restaurants will open in the new Crown development, which is due to open in December.

“We really love the idea of having a really good combination, a good mix of international highly-regarded talent but also really strong local talent and doing different versions of what people might expect from that talent,” he told the Daily Telegraph.