Woodford Folk Festival under a cloud

The organisers of the Woodford Folk Festival are weighing up whether they can hold an event this year.

The organisers are still reeling from last year which saw them cancel a number of events including its signature festival, which normally attracts 120,000 people, and its Bushtime event in January that had to be pulled just 12 hours before going live.

“We had 12 hours’ notice to cancel Bushtime, for which we were 95 per cent booked out,” Woodfordia Inc general manager Amanda Jackes told The Sydney Morning Herald.

“We had to refund all of the tickets, and we had to pay all the contractors, so we lost significant money from that.”

While a final decision won’t be made until July, the organisers are preparing for the end of JobKeeper which will likely force further job cuts.

“We have decided that for the months of March, April and May, we won’t be holding events,” Jackes said.

“We will reconsider at the end of May what our position is.”

Festival director Bill Hauritz said the total cost of putting on the festival is around $16 million.

“The margin of profit over loss is very small, we can’t take a risk because if we take a risk … we are in big strife,” he told 4BC’s Scott Emerson.

“There’s talk among us maybe we can do a half size … we are a bit confused we don’t know quite what to do.”