Wintjiri Wiru drone display launches at Ayres Rock Resort

Wintjiri Wiru

The world’s largest ongoing drone display Wintjiri Wiru has launched in the Red Centre with more than 1100 drones bringing ancient storytelling to life with Uluru as its backdrop.

Three years in the making and with an investment in excess of $10 million, Voyages Indigenous Tourism Australia has launched Wintjiri Wiru with two shows per night at Ayres Rock Resort.

“When you choregraph over 1,100 drones to tell a story that’s been told in the sand for more than 60,000 years and will now be told using cutting-edge technology for the world to see, it is important to us that we honour the culture in every step of the process,” said Matthew Cameron-Smith, CEO of Voyages.

Wintjiri Wiru

This will be the first time an Indigenous story has been told through the medium of lights, lasers, projection and drone technology at this scale and frequency, and performed on a regular basis anywhere in the world.

“People from every place have come to see Uluru,” said Rene Kulitja, on behalf of the Anangu Consultation Committee.

“Now we want people to come and experience our story in a new way. We want visitors to know this is our story, to look and listen and feel with us. Our stories have been here since the beginning, and we want to share this story with the world.”