When it comes to venues it pays to be different

The future of events can be summed up in one word – why? That ‘why’ can be spread across every facet of event production, from the why do it at all through to the why will anyone attend and everything in between.

The first why must always be centred on value, or return on investment, for the client. That why then turns into a what. What do you want attendees to take away from the event? Then follows a how. How do you maximise the engagement of the event?

The future of events is not just about delivering great content or learning or creating networking opportunities. This space is very competitive with a wealth of other mediums such as online content, augmented reality and social media platforms arguably just as, if not more, efficient in delivering this.

The future of events is all about inspiring attendees, creating an experience that connects on an emotional level, even if it is just a half day conference. Time is now our most valuable commodity and events are never going to be the most time efficient way to deliver content or make networking happen. What they can deliver more than any other medium is a tangible experience that delivers a lasting learning because it connects emotionally with attendees.

The biggest influence on whether attendees connect emotionally is the environment the event occurs in. Attendees might walk away from an event with an impactful call to action in mind or more informed about a specific topic that’s relevant to their role. Either way, they should walk away from an event emotionally engaged in a way that changes the way they think and act. That change is the ultimate measure of an event’s success and is fundamentally the answer to the very first question of ‘why?’.

This means event planners need to consider non-traditional spaces beyond a breakout conference or welcome party by making the main event, whether it is a conference or exhibition, a unique experience through the environment. From that follows the content, the message, the format and the theming.

This is easier said than done as event planners are increasingly low on resources and dealing with ever increasing pressure on budgets. Sourcing non-traditional venues is time consuming and can be costly to customise to fit an event.

The solution is to work with an out-of-the box large venue that has done as much of the work for you as possible, without excessive theming requirements. A venue that already has plenty of experience in hosting events with a dedicated events team on hand leaving you to focus on the creative, design, client and guest impact without having to worry about logistics or quality.

Luna Park Venues has 10,000 square metres of available event space across 13 unique  spaces catering for conferences, banquets and conventions of 50 to 8000 guests.

Located on Sydney Harbour overlooking the Bridge and Opera House, Luna Park Venues offer an iconic location married with a dedicated onsite events team, event staffing, security, audio-visual services, onsite IT technicians, venue supervisors and an award-winning culinary team.

The journey to encouraging attendees to think or act differently begins with the event organiser thinking about their venue selection differently.