Walk in inflatable sculpture event heading back to Perth

An international art installation that consisted of an inflatable walk-in sculpture is set to head back to Perth next year despite some complaints about queue times.

More than 10,000 people attended the free event KATENA by Architects of Air during its week-long stay at Carine Open Space in mid-July, but its popularity resulted in queue wait times of up to three hours for some.

Complaints on social media prompted the City of Stirling City to release tickets halfway through the week that then sold out in five minutes.

Community development director Michael Quirk said the event, which cost $130,000 to host, was not originally ticketed to allow greater flexibility and accommodate more visitors.

“This decision was made based on recommendations from the artist and predicted attendance numbers,” he told the Stirling Times.

“However due to the unprecedented popularity of the event and community feedback, the City felt it was important to provide a ticketed option.”

Quirk said they have listened to all the feedback and hope have it return next year.

“While the wait times were similar to those experienced across the globe, we do acknowledge that they were long and we would like to thank the attendees for their patience and their interest and support of this event – we were truly amazed and humbled by the response,” he said.