WA Tourism Conference to look at role of robots to tackle staffing shortages


Western Australia’s largest tourism industry conference will explore how service robots can assist with major events, peak periods, and staff shortages.

At the 2022 Perth Airport WA Tourism Conference, the tourism industry will discuss emerging digital service technology and look at a range of robots designed to assist tourism and hospitality staff.

“Robots can assist staff in maintaining high standards of service during peak service times, particularly while the industry is facing staff shortages,” Tourism Council WA CEO Evan Hall said.

“During large banquets robots can assist by running food directly from the kitchen to staff, enabling more guests to be served at the same time.

“We will see that delivery robots are an innovative way to help skilled service staff consistently provide high-quality experiences despite challenges faced by peak periods and staff shortages.”

Hall said Western Australians are early adopters of new hospitality technology as seen through the widespread use of QR codes to order meals at pubs and restaurants.